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Stone Cladding - Castle Stone

How to install cladding – If your wall is plastered and painted then cut groves into the wall using an Angle Grinder(Horizontally and Vertically).  Then use a Chisel and Hammer to chip off sections of the paint and plaster. This will allow the mortar to bind to the wall properly.  You should end up with a wall looking like this.

Wall preparation - Stone Cladding

Lay out a few sq meters of Castle Stone Cladding on the floor to practice the different styles.Once you understand the pattern then you can start to install.

10mm spaces are needed between each stone.

Stone Cladding - Castle Stone

Wet the wall with a block brush.
Apply the mortar to the surface of the wall .
+- 5 mm in thickness

Stone Cladding - Applying Mortar

Wet the back of the stone using a block brush

Stone Cladding - Back of Stone

Butter the back of the stone with mortar (+- 2mm thick) 

Applying Mortar to Stone Cladding

Press the stone cladding onto the mortar and tap the stone using a rubber hammer. If the mortar is overflowing then there is either too much mortar on the wall or on the stone. Try not to mess the face of the cladding with mortar.

Stone cladding installation

Stone Cladding Installation

Stone Cladding Installation

Castle Stone Cladding installation

Castle Stone Cladding installation

Grouting between the cladding can be done after 2 days of drying. Keep your Grout mixture relatively dry so that you do not mess
the face of the cladding. Use gloves and press the grout with your fingers
into the spaces between the stones. Wait for an hour then use the back
of a paint brush to cut the excess grout out. Use a DRY Paint brush to remove all excess grout from around the stone cladding.

Castle Stones must be installed with 10 mm spaces for total coverage
per sq meter.

Castle Stone Cladding - Durastone

Before leaving for the day: Check that you have removed all excess mortar from the face of the stone cladding. Use a small piece of stick to remove all the excess mortar and then use a DRY Paint brush to dust off the face of the stone .
Do not let the mortar dry on the face of the stone over night as it will be difficult to remove once it dried.  Do not use Acid Based Products to clean the face of the stone.

After 4 days you can use a hose pipe to wash off all the dust on the stone .


Mixing Ratio for Adhesive:

To install 4 – 5 sq meters

Mix half a bag of Normal NPC Cement (50kg bag) with,

Half a bag of CLC building and Plaster Lime (25kg bag) and,

1 Wheelbarrow of Plastering Sand.

The Mixture should be like Plaster.


 😎 Download our installation guide, Print and give it to your Tiler or Builder.

Castle Stone cladding

Download Castle Stone Installation Guide

Durastone - Ez Fit stone cladding

Download Ez Fit Installation Guide








Cobble Stone Cladding

Download Cobble Stone Installation Guide

Split face stone cladding

Download Split face stone Installation Guide


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