Cobble Stone cladding

Cobble Stone Cladding in a High-Quality Concrete wall cladding.

Price: R349 per sq meter

Cobble Stone Wall Cladding – 

PRICE R349 per sq meter.

Cobble Stone creates a rustic French Style finish to your property.  Cobble Stone cladding has various shapes and sizes. The surface texture of the stone feels like natural stone. Use Durastone Cobble Stone cladding to create a rustic old world appearance to any structure. This stone cladding can be used for interior and exterior applications.

Our Cobble Stone wall cladding  has shades of of Light Brown, Dark Brown, Black and Redish Brown per sq meter. This range of stone cladding has Beautiful earthy colour tones to compliment any structure. The Cobble Stone Cladding lengths range from 152mm to 559mm and the Height range from 50mm to 254mm

Cobble Stone Corners are also available at R350 per linear meter. These are the L Shaped Stones that fit at an outward facing 90 degree bend on a wall. Corners are sold Mixed Sizes Only. Corners are available in KZN only. 

Cobble Stone Corner Sizes:
Length: Breadth: Height
400mm X120mm X 140mm
280mm X 80mm X 220mm
130mm X 80mm X 300mm
230mm X 120mm X 160mm
140mm X 90mm X 240mm
340mm X 100mm X 200mm
400mm X 100mm X 200mm

Durastone is Great for New Construction Projects or to add a face lift to your property. Easy to install.

Stone Sealer Available in 1L ,2L and 5L – Click to View More Info



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