Ez Fit Stone

EZ Fit Stone is a High-Quality Concrete wall cladding.

Will Last for decades on your Property.

Product code: # EZ 001

Ez Fit Stone  –  R275 per sq meter.

Ez Fit Stone is a Panel Stone. This wall cladding has earthy colour tones.

The Ez Fit wall cladding  is installed with no mortar joints. The Height of each Panel is 125mm. Lengths range from 100mm to 580mm.


Ez Fit Stone Corners are also available at R200 per liner meter. These are the L Shaped Stones that fit at an outward facing 90 degree bend on a wall.

Ez Fit Corner Sizes:
Length: Breadth: Height
300mm X 150mm X125mm
230mm X 150mm X 125mm
170mm X150mm X 125mm

New Ez Fit Colours Available – R275 per sq meter.