Split Face Stone

Split face Stone Cladding is a High-Quality Concrete wall cladding.

Price: R275 per sq meter

Split Face Stone –  R275 per sq meter.

Product code: Split Face Stone.

Split face Stone Cladding is designed to create a Country style finish. It appears that rough pieces of stone have been chiseled to create this appearance. Our Split face stone gives an Old World Look to a structure.

Split face stone has lovely earthy colours which consist of Light Brown, Dark Brown, Black and Redish Brown per sq meter.

Our Split Face Stone Cladding sizes range from 127mm to 534mm
There are various shapes and sizes of Split Face Stone ranging from 127mm – 534mm

Split Face Corners are also available at R200 per liner meter. These are the L Shaped Stones that fit at an outward facing 90 degree bend on a wall.

Split Face  Corners Sizes:
Length: Breadth: Height
300mm X 100mm X 300mm
170mm X 90mm X 170mm
300mm X120mm X 200mm
350mm X 100mm X 200mm
300mm X 100mm X 220mm


Stone Sealer Available in 1L ,2L and 5L – Click to View More Info

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